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How can I set multiple bootnodes and have them communicate with each other?

I would like to know how i can set up multiple bootnodes that share the same state. Would doing this require the bootnodes to share the same database? I know this is basic substrate staff but it would ...
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Equivocations error causing some nodes to crash (Follow up question)

We've been investigating an issue that's most likely related to this post, and this issue. But unsure if the underlying cause is the same, I'm looking for some help to confirm my understanding of this ...
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Is there a way to create a peer to peer network on top of substrate?

Most of substrate tutorials are based on on-chain logic so there's not much information on this topic. Is there a way to use Substrate's in-built p2p network for other purposes such as constant ...
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Connect external parachain node to local network relay chain

I currently have a local relay chain with 4 validators and 2 collator nodes from 2 different parachains running. I want to connect another node that is out of network to one of the parachains. Is this ...
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4 votes
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What are the main differences between a Live and Dev network?

I kinda know there are differences between both types, such as cli flags --ws, --rpc, --dev (which include many other flags for development), chain spec file, ports, and so on. What are the main ...
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Update Substrate node from v2.0.1 to v3.0.0 in live network

I am updating the Substrate node from v2.0.1 to v3.0.0 in live network*. The initial plan was to merge the v3 code by following the official guidelines, build the new wasm and use a forkless runtime ...
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Troubleshooting : Peering connection failed due to libp2p error [closed]

Following the answer on this post : Need some help understanding this "unexpected end of file" error from my node trying to connect on remote TRACE tokio-runtime-worker sub-libp3p: Libp2p =&...
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How to set up a live network? [closed]

In setting up a live network, starting with a cloud instance running a substrate node. What are the things one needs to keep in mind, in order to make sure they are adhering to best practices? How ...
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