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Questions relating to setting up, debugging or launching a private network built with Substrate.

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Not able to connect via archive node to my network

I am trying to connect a new peer with archive-node instead of validator-node but I am unable to enter the network it shows peers(0), but as soon as I give --validator tag the new peer start syncing. ...
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Problems adding trusted Nodes on different machines on Windows 11(WSL)

I Cannot get the two Substrate Nodes to Work together in a local Network between two different PC running on Win11 + WSL I have followed the Tutorial and everything seems ok till the point that i am ...
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Forcing node traffic to local network

We would like to force all our local node traffic to use the local network instead of the internet to communicate between eachother. Any best practice to do this?
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Connect external parachain node to local network relay chain

I currently have a local relay chain with 4 validators and 2 collator nodes from 2 different parachains running. I want to connect another node that is out of network to one of the parachains. Is this ...
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Nginx Websocket Proxy Error - 502 Bad Gateway

I am getting this error below from nginx [error] 32#32: *4 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: , request: "GET / HTTP/1....
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Validator peers disconnecting after producing one block

I am facing an issue with my private chain where I have configured 1 bootnode, 4 validator nodes and 3 non-validator nodes. When I launch the network, the peers are detected, validator node validates ...
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How to connect two nodes running on different computers?

I'm currently trying to deploy a private blockchain and I'm having problems trying to have nodes running on different machines but still communicating with each other. I've created a docker image ...
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Keys cannot be added to keystore

Problem Keys cannot be added to keystore. Situation description To launch the private network, the boot node was first started and succeeded.[❶] The next time I tried to add a keys to the keystore I ...
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How can you setup your own pre-configured account in a relay/parachain spec?

I'm going through the different tutorials and I discovered rococo-local and polkadot-local network and now I would like to hack these networks to define my own pre-configured accounts (ie: replace ...
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Connecting a rococo-local based parachain to a private polkadot-local based relay chain

I created a polkadot-local based private network relay chain by adding some new keys both in stacking and session sections of the initial polkadot-local spec (I followed this tutorial Start a private ...
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How do I configure the beefy parameter in the spec? [closed]

after reading and executing Start a private network, I managed successfully same exercise with polkadot-local spec chain base. Now I would like to do same exercise but this time with rococo local spec ...
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Validator not being onboarded due to Election NoFallback error, possibly

So my chain is running at the moment with 3 invulnerable validators, and I was trying to add another validator to the mix. I generated 2 accounts, transferred some stash to one of them, made a ...
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How to start a private network on 2 computers?

I've done the Start a private network tutorial. However, in this tutorial, they run two-nodes on the same computer with different ports. Now I want to run a private network with different computers ...
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What this 'grandpa-voter' error means?

I was doing last section of substrate private network tutorial. Before i stored key set, i could started network smoothly. But after i stored key set of aura and grandpa, i got this error. yc6936@...
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