I would like to know how i can set up multiple bootnodes that share the same state. Would doing this require the bootnodes to share the same database? I know this is basic substrate staff but it would be helpful for a beginner like me to understand how the networking in substrate works. A detailed answer with some examples is highly appreciated.

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  1. Generate the key (two ways)
    • Use subkey, and put the key into <DATA-DIR>/chains/<CHAIN-NAME>/network/<KEY>
    • Run the node and stop it, the key will be created and it can be found under <DATA-DIR>/chains/<CHAIN-NAME>/network/<KEY>
  2. Read the your bootnode address
    1. Run the node
    2. Search the output like this
      [Parachain] 🔍 Discovered new external address for our node: /ip4/<IP>/tcp/<PORT>/ws/<KEY>
    3. Replace the <IP>with your ip.
    • Note:
      • <IP> might be a private address, that you read from the log directly, you need figure out your public ip address and make sure you have a public address
      • if you are running a parachain, only focus on the [Parachain] log, not [Relaychain]
      • <PORT> must be opened, without the firewall
  3. Finally, configure the bootnodes like this: https://github.com/darwinia-network/darwinia/blob/b2f5f4bb8937028d57bb8ebb5b0cafec6a37bba4/node/src/chain_spec/crab.rs#L270

Tips: backup your key, once you delete the <DATA-DIR> the key will be lost, this happens a lot...

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