I currently have a local relay chain with 4 validators and 2 collator nodes from 2 different parachains running. I want to connect another node that is out of network to one of the parachains. Is this possible? I'm pretty new to networking but it seems like it should be, given I set the right configuration for my ports.

I already have set the --ws-external and --rpc-external flags on my relay chain and parachain nodes. Would it be possible to connect and register the node form the other parachain if I just reference the public IP of the local machine? Or is it more complicated than this?

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Let's call 'another node' as A.

If A holds the same genesis as relaychain, then it can join the network.

Actually, there are two nodes in the collator node. I mean:

A.relaychain.genesis == relaychain.genesis

Then you need to make sure:

  • --port xxx is opening (IIUC, the default value for A.relaychain.port is 30334)
  • public IP, meet any one of the below requirements is enough
    • A connects to others
      • other nodes should have a public IP
    • others connect to A
      • If your router has a public IP then you could map it to your local machine

Once you see (1 peers) in A's log, which means it has joined the network.

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