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Posts that reference the Substrate node template, a basic Substrate node typically used for getting started with Substrate.
Questions about the Polkadot-JS API used to interact with Substrate-based chains using JavaScript.
Questions about the Polkadot Relay Chain
eDSL to write smart contracts in Rust for blockchains built on the Substrate framework
487 questions
Questions about Runtime Modules built with the FRAME developer SDK.
432 questions
Questions about blockchains connected to relay chains like Polkadot or Kusama.
Everything smart contract related, either WASM or EVM based.
281 questions
Questions about the Rust programming language, the primary language used in the Substrate ecosystem.
277 questions
Questions that have to do with the FRAME runtime
245 questions
Questions about storing and accessing stored data on a Substrate blockchain.
228 questions
XCM (Cross-Consensus Message Format) is a communication format between consensus systems
Questions about runtime calls that can be submitted to the blockchain. a.k.a. Transaction, Dispatchable
160 questions
Questions relating to custom RPC implementations or using existing RPCs to make calls to a Substrate node.
138 questions
Questions about transactions, including signed and unsigned extrinsics, transaction formats, transaction pools and constructing transactions.
135 questions
126 questions
Questions about Substrate's framework for developing custom runtime logic.
120 questions
Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate and nearly the same codebase as Polkadot. The network is an experimental development environment for teams who want to mov…
109 questions
Questions inquiring about using Substrate based EVMs including the EVM pallet or related tools.
103 questions
Questions about Proof-of-Stake systems built on top of Substrate.
103 questions
97 questions
Questions about the Rococo test network.
94 questions
Questions about the most popular Substrate EVM framework.
93 questions
Generic tag for consensus-related questions, e.g. block production protocols, finality protocols, parachains. Best used in combination with other more specific tags (e.g. [tag:grandpa] or [tag:babe]).
91 questions
Questions relating to troubleshooting specific errors.
89 questions
A question that refers to the balances pallet, or anything to do with balance transfers.
80 questions
Questions about account types, account IDs and account addresses.
80 questions
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