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67 questions
Related to running or maintaining a node (aka client) on a network.
64 questions
Questions that relate to pallets and disptachables that emit specific events, including decoding events.
63 questions
Oracle-like capabilities for Substrate chains.
59 questions
Questions that are specific to Astar's implementation of a Substrate node.
57 questions
Related to runtime upgrades, a one time conversion of chain state.
56 questions
Any questions relating to the Grandpa pallet or block finality in Substrate chains.
56 questions
XCMP (Cross-Chain Message Passing) is a communication format that allows the parachains to exchange messages with other parachains on the same Relay Chain.
50 questions
Block production protocol
47 questions
46 questions
Questions about the library used to convert a Substrate chain to a Polkadot Parachain.
45 questions
42 questions
Questions about the genesis block or genesis configuration of a chain.
40 questions
Questions about JavaScript in the context of Substrate and Polkadot.
40 questions
38 questions
35 questions
34 questions
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