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How to get Multiaddr of a peer?

What is idiomatic way to get peer's Multiaddr given we have its PeerId? There exists get_authority_ids_by_peer_id which seems useful but when spinning up multiple nodes locally which connect to each ...
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Query node information from PeerId only

How do I get Listen addresses of a node (and possibly other info like agent, protocols etc..) given that I only have node's PeerId? Is there any existing solutions available for this? Simple enter ...
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Can a node reconnect to a network without boot nodes

Is it possible to configure a full node to remember a list of last peers it connected to so when it restarts it doesn't need to rely on boot nodes to connect successfully to the chain network?
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Tutorial - Simulate a network: I've started 4 nodes (Alice/Bob/Charlie/Eve), but not all of the nodes show '3 peers' While working on this tutorial, I decided to go beyond the Alice and Bob nodes and also started Charlie and Eve nodes. While adding ...
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bootstrap a peer with a specific nodeId

If you have node keys (generated using subey), is it possible to use them to boot a peer with the corresponding peerId? is it possible to import the keys and thus have the same peerId without using --...
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Validator peers disconnecting after producing one block

I am facing an issue with my private chain where I have configured 1 bootnode, 4 validator nodes and 3 non-validator nodes. When I launch the network, the peers are detected, validator node validates ...
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How to get the hex decoded version of a Peer Id?

I see this example on Substrate's docs: Node key: c12b6d18942f5ee8528c8e2baf4e147b5c5c18710926ea492d09cbd9f6c9f82a PeerID (generated from the node key): ...
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How to obtain a peer address?

In older versions of the Substrate node template, the node would print some helpful information on startup. For example it would print the ports being used for the websocket and p2p endpoints. It ...
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How do I get my nodes to find each other on macOS?

When I run Alice and Bob validators: ./target/release/polkadot --alice --validator --base-path /tmp/relay/alice --chain chainspec-raw.json --port 30333 --ws-port 9944 ./target/release/polkadot --bob -...
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How to get the Peer count in an Off Chain Worker?

I have an Off Chain Worker that validates some data in IPFS and then calls a function on chain to set the status to valid or invalid. That's all working fine. However, I do not need all nodes to ...
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What factors determine who can peer with my node?

From a security standpoint I'd like to understand who can peer with my node. Let's say I make the chainspec public, and someone comes along with a different node binary, and peers with my node, with a ...
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Troubleshooting : Peering connection failed due to libp2p error [closed]

Following the answer on this post : Need some help understanding this "unexpected end of file" error from my node trying to connect on remote TRACE tokio-runtime-worker sub-libp3p: Libp2p =&...
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Nginx troubles on setting a remote validator node

So my node requires port 30333 to peer with other nodes, and since I am using Nginx on the server, I followed this guide :
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How to limit libp2p traffic or set maximum number of peers

In running a polkadot node on the mainnet, i'd like to know how to limit the maximum number of peers, or if this functionality is already built into the protocol somehow. Since my network traffic is ...
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