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Building plain chain spec yields raw output

The command substrate build-spec > plain-chain-spec.json used to generate a human readable version of the chain spec in json. To create the more stable machine friendly version of that chain spec ...
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subkey: command not found error

I installed subkey by following instructions and ./target/release/subkey --help command is working fine but any other subkey commands are ...
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2 answers

How to conditionally include an extrinsic with a rustc feature?

Hey Substrate Community, is there a way to annotate a extrinsic call function with the Rust cfg condition compile execution? #[cfg_attr(feature = "with-global-disputes", pallet::weight(T::...
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How do I kill a running node once I close the terminal I launched it in? [closed]

I was running a Substrate node on my system but unknowingly I didn't stop the node by using 'CTRL+C' and closed the editor. After that I could see that on frontend, my node was running continuously ...
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