The command substrate build-spec > plain-chain-spec.json used to generate a human readable version of the chain spec in json. To create the more stable machine friendly version of that chain spec one must call: substrate build-spec --raw > raw-chain-spec.json. But now that I'm testing a node built on top of Polkadot 0.9.42, I'm observing that the output of the former command is also raw! How can the plain version is producible then?

  • When I specified the chain in the build-spec command, this time around the result was indeed plain!
    – Alex Sed
    Jun 26 at 1:25

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There might be some issue with the command you are using to generate the plain spec file, you can follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial https://docs.substrate.io/tutorials/build-a-blockchain/add-trusted-nodes/#create-a-custom-chain-specification, also the command to generate the plain spec file is as follows:

./target/release/node-template build-spec --disable-default-bootnode --chain local > customSpec.json

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