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Transaction execution error of EVM "EvmCoreErrorExitReason (OutOfFund)"

I have developed Substrate Network with EVM compatibility and POA consensus algorithm. It was working fine and transaction execution time was although alot but for now getting an error from EVM-core. ...
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disconnect wallets programatically from the frontend side

is there any way to disconnect a wallet from the frontend? If not, why? walletProvider.disable()
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How to log events on frontend dapp from emit_event of smart contract?

I'm currently struggling on obtaining logs of the events emitted from my smart contract on the frontend dapp. The smart contract code itself should work just fine as it emits the event perfectly fine ...
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execution failed: execution aborted due to trap: wasm trap: wasm `unreachable` instruction executed. TransactionPaymentApi_query_info

We are currently depositing KSM tokens to our parachain using the following code: kusamaApi.tx.xcmPallet.limitedReserveTransferAssets(params_here) When executing the transaction, the KSM tokens are ...
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StakerStatus is not updating on my custom explorer

I have made a custom explorer of a substrate based blockchain, and when i am chilling the staker, its status is not updating to inactive on the custom explorer, is there any RPC call or any other way ...
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Use state call to query from custom Runtime Api, Balance in frontend is not equal to Balance in Runtime

Background Our front end use state call to query custom RuntimeApi of our solo chain. We try to use state call to replace custom rpcs. Definition Balance is our chain is u128. RuntimeApi Definition ...
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"Waiting for Telemetry..." message in Substrate local telemetry frontend

I compiled and am running the binaries for backend's telemetry_core (at default port 8000) and telemetry_shard (at default port 8001) as systemd units in my server, they are nicely connected to each ...
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How do I kill a running node once I close the terminal I launched it in? [closed]

I was running a Substrate node on my system but unknowingly I didn't stop the node by using 'CTRL+C' and closed the editor. After that I could see that on frontend, my node was running continuously ...
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