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Can zepter help with std feature propagation?

Zepter has been great for pointing out runtime benchmark features that need propagating. I use it like so: zepter lint propagate-feature --feature runtime-benchmarks --left-side-feature-missing=ignore ...
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How to compile polkadot node with only rococo runtime

When I build polkadot with cargo build --release it builds all the runtimes including Polkadot, Kusama, Rococo, Westend. This is a lot to compile and most of it is not needed. In my case, I'm testing ...
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How to implement EIP-2612 permit in rust !ink

I am trying to implement EIP-2612 permit functionality in my psp22 contract. But not sure how to do it. ...
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error[E0046]: not all trait items implemented, missing: `try_successful_origin`

I am seeing this compile error with the xcm-builder when building our chain w/Polkadot 0.9.38. What should I change to fix it? This issue is also discussed here
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how to conditionally compile functions in pallet::call?

Im trying to have my pallet compile a pallet call based on the feature that is set, for example if i have two function calls feature_one() and feature_two(), it works fine with feature_one but when i ...
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How to conditionally include an extrinsic with a rustc feature?

Hey Substrate Community, is there a way to annotate a extrinsic call function with the Rust cfg condition compile execution? #[cfg_attr(feature = "with-global-disputes", pallet::weight(T::...
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Hitting compilation issues while testing Substrate PR#11818 - Allow `construct_runtime` to take cfg attributes for pallets

Find the source I have been working with at: While building a node using the feature-gated runtimes added in https:...
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