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subkey: command not found error

I installed subkey by following instructions and ./target/release/subkey --help command is working fine but any other subkey commands are ...
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Sign a transaction offline for Westend testnet and verification of the transaction

Could Polkadot experts execute the code below and advise me on the questions, please? You just need to replace the code by your own Westend accounts and nonce. import { construct, getRegistry, ...
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How to generate a Moonbeam Unified Account using Subkey?

In the Moonbeam Unified documentation here, it says that Moonbeam natively supports "Ethereum-style address (H160 format), which is 40+2 hex-characters long, in a Substrate based chain" and ...
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Substrate | SignatureInvalid when I try to verify signature with public key

When I try to verify a signature using Alice address I got a SignatureInvalid message. echo "blabla" | ./target/release/subkey verify ...
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How do I work with SS58 encoded addresses?

I want to reason about SS58 addresses in any context with access to std, using Rust. What tools and techniques are needed to access the underlying keys? [Related What is the SS58 Format?]
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How to use custom keys for parachain collator instead of predefined Alice or Bob?

There is example how to use Alice predefined account to run ./target/release/parachain-template-node \ --alice \ --collator \ --force-authoring \ --chain raw-parachain-chainspec.json \ --base-path /...
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Error while Compile the subkey program using the nightly toolchain

I follow this reference tutorial to subkey-generate. While compiling subkey program using cargo +nightly build --package subkey --release, I faced this issue. Someone explain what's wrong with this?
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How to Sign an Ethereum transaction from substrate?

Consider we have a ETH keypair in the keystore inserted using this command curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"method"...
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How can I get predefined built-in account‘s key pair from polkadotjs app? Such as Alice and Bob

I want to use the predefined built-in account's key pair to sign extrinsic from ocw, but I can not get the key/Secret seed/Secret phrase from polkadotjs app. How can I get these items? Shall I use ...
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How to use node key?

I have a local node with validators Alice and Bob. I've created a node key using this command subkey generate-node-key --file ./.keys/node-key Can I use the node key with --validator? Because I saw ...
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How to get the hex decoded version of a Peer Id?

I see this example on Substrate's docs: Node key: c12b6d18942f5ee8528c8e2baf4e147b5c5c18710926ea492d09cbd9f6c9f82a PeerID (generated from the node key): ...
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Cannot install subkey 3.0

I am trying to install subkey, but this command does not work: cargo install --force subkey --git --version 3.0 --locked What am I doing wrong?
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How can manually generate same address from mnemonic as subkey without it?

Can someone tell me how can I generate a secret/privateKey/miniSecretKey, publicKey without subkey the tool from a mnemonic? I am working on a c# implementation of the wallet generation and I'd ...
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How to convert HEX public key into SS58

I have a public key in HEX into. How do I get the SS58 representation of it? Is there a command line tool?
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How to deploy a hardened, secure, production-ready Substrate node?

I'm currently looking for a way to deploy the blockchain I'm working on and it has been a struggle to find out the best practices for doing so. The chain is based on the substrate-node-template but it ...
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How to generate keys for authorities?

This may be a dumb question because I don't understand the concept of session keys well enough and neither have extensive experience using shell loops: in substrate one finds this comment telling us ...
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How can we be sure that a Pallet-account/address is unique in a chain and no one else in the chain can replicate the same address?

In Ethereum, the contract address/account isn't formed trivially from a cryptographically-generated private-public key pair, but rather by using a separate method, as described here. In Substrate, ...
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