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2 answers

Genesis chainspec size limit

I understand that there is a PoV size limitation for blocks produced by the chain, since they need to be imported, and validated by validator nodes. However, I'm curious about whether this limitation ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How to handle blocks with more than u16 events?

We load tested our chain by calling the remark with events extrinsics. We used batch to have more than 33K transactions in multiple batches in one block. The block was processed correctly even if it ...
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0 answers

No Block production with multiple nodes / AURA

I have a solo-chain with PoA consensus, MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK of 1000, 5MB of MAX_BLOCK_SIZE, and 400ms of MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT. The chain produces and finalizes blocks when there's a single authoring ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What should be the maximum size of a `BoundedVec`?

What is the recommended maximum number of bytes to store within a BoundedVec? I am currently having the following struct: #[derive( parity_scale_codec::Decode, parity_scale_codec::Encode, ...
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2 answers

How do I scale decode a FrameSupportDispatchPerDispatchClassWeight (in rust)?

How do I scale decode a FrameSupportDispatchPerDispatchClassWeight ? js seems the only definition I can find - can someone point to a rust definition please so I can decode it.
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1 answer

Why is 5MB the limit for the block length?

The length limit for each block in Polkadot is set to 5Mb as seen in the code. But why exactly 5Mb? Could you point me to the decision process or the benchmark results for that exact value? Thanks!
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3 votes
1 answer

Increasing Block Size

a question about block limit, the amount of bytes that can be stored in each block. From what i can gather this value can be changed Here, However when i change the 5 to lets say 20 (5mb to 20mb) I ...
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