a question about block limit, the amount of bytes that can be stored in each block. From what i can gather this value can be changed Here, However when i change the 5 to lets say 20 (5mb to 20mb) I still get (Invalid Transaction: Transaction would exhaust the block limits) error at the same amount of transactions. Just for clarification I am using the utility pallet for batching these transactions. So im guessing there is something else that must be done to increase block size!

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You not only need to allow the block to get bigger, you also need to allow a higher BlockWeights. The BlockWeights is a parameter given to the frame_system::Config trait. It defines the amount of weight you allow per transaction type. If you don't increase that, you will not be able to push more transactions per block.

  • is there any examples on higher BlockWeights? Jan 5 at 17:18

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