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How justification are made thorugh the finality-gadget?

I'm working in the POW chain and i want to ask about the justifications which are provided for applying finality. How they are made and how can i make my own justifications for the blocks?.
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Recovering chain from a backup

Prerequisites: A small subset of validators controlled by my company and a much larger set of external validators. A backup of the db folder was created 4 hours (1 epoch) before an incident. ...
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No Block production with multiple nodes / AURA

I have a solo-chain with PoA consensus, MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK of 1000, 5MB of MAX_BLOCK_SIZE, and 400ms of MAXIMUM_BLOCK_WEIGHT. The chain produces and finalizes blocks when there's a single authoring ...
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How to know if a block is finalized

I use Subxt for parsing blocks but am only interested in finalized blocks. I know that Subxt provides a WebSocket-based subscription for finalized blocks, but WebSockets are unavailable to me. Is ...
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Simulate block finalization error

I would like to simulate how our parachain reacts to events like, A collator produces a block that is not accepted by other collators in that parachain. Aka a malicious collator. The relay chain ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How does a parachain collator reliably know which parachain block (candidate recipt) got included on the relaychain to build the next block on?

I understand the entire path of a parachain block upto and including its candidateReciept being "included" on the relaychain, and its erasure coded PoVs being available with the relaychain ...
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Why is there no finalization in the substrate-contracts-node?

I am working on the substrate contract node to instantiate a contract using RPC call. I use the this tutorial to do the process. I am getting the message that it is in the block, but not finalized. ...
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2 answers

could not get provisioner inherent data; injecting default data err=ClosedChannelAwaitingInherentData

I have a chain with 4 validators. When I chilled 1 old validator and added 1 new, the chain has stopped finalization. Nodes show the following error: Oct 14 09:48:42 node4 polkadot[24877]: 2022-10-14 ...
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1 answer

Finality 502 blocks behind production on our relay testnet

After fixing stalled finality which was due to 5 of 13 valdidators broken, finality is now 502 blocks behind, but it is not catching up to production. We get this error: 2022-09-29 20:13:03 Safeguard ...
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How to query the current consumed weight in an extrinsic?

Hi Substrate Community, is there any way to get the current block weight? This is especially useful, when deciding in on_finalize if there is space left to put in some logic. I know, that on_finalize ...
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Optimistic parachain block finalization

Question Is there some some way to configure a parachain to produce blocks in a way which has high finalization rate (not PoA though) predictable finalization rate, yielding a clear optimistic ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Grandpa + Babe finality issues

Starting with the node-template, I switched my chains block authoring from Aura to Babe, which compiles fine but does not manage to finalize any blocks. I suspect it's a wrong genesis configuration. ...
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