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Fast block production causes Mortality Checking failing with AncientBirthBlock

(This might be better as a GitHub issue, but thought I would check here for more context first) Version: Polkadot SDK v1.1.0 What I am trying to do: I am running a bunch of e2e tests in parallel on a ...
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Ready transaction queue never empties after heavy load

After a heavy load test with thousands of transactions from a fixed set of accounts (maybe relevant due to this question), the ready pool of some nodes never empties, and for this reason many ...
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Polkadot v43 failed to send issue with tx pool

Zombienet + polkadot v43 two errors: DEBUG tokio-runtime-worker txpool: [0xd7165975185efe4f63425ab930021c89f166fda20d0e4f564f61c9ebd491640e] Error importing: TooLowPriority { old: 13700, new: 513 } ...'s user avatar
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extrinsics from same account result in underutilized blockspace

I'm sending multiple extrinsics from the same account. The nonce is increased before a new extrinsic is sent, and all extrinsics are sent as immortal. My goal is to fill the blocks as much as possible,...
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Transaction pool management

I have to send thousands of transactions to a custom substrate chain, it will probably take a few days to process all of them. Of course I can't just send all the transactions at once because they ...
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How to create signed extrinsic in outer node?

What is idiomatic way to submit signed extrinsic in outer node? Is it using BasicPool and submit_local? Would Rust example at the bottom be be good approach? If it is how to: properly choose period ...
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Unit testing an extrinsic submitted by an Offchain Worker?

As far as I could understand so far there is no a "normal" way to test extrinsics submitted by an Offchain Worker, rather a substitute transaction pool is involved. However it is possible to ...
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Pool overloading in benchmark

I am working on substrate and trying to benchmark my node. I'm sending unsigned extrinsics to the pool and implemented the ValidateUnsigned trait where I add priority, longevity, provide and require ...
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Are Transaction Pool and Transaction Queue the same thing?

Was going through documentation of Substrate. I came across transaction lifecycle. I'm confused about one line it which says "The ...
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When will I stop receiving TransactionStatus updates for a transaction submitted via author_submitAndWatchExtrinsic?

If I submit a transaction via "author_submitAndWatchExtrinsic", I start getting back TransactionStatus updates, which look like one of these: pub enum TransactionStatus<Hash, BlockHash>...
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Transaction pool error: Too low priority (0 > 0)

im trying to submit multiple unsigned extrinsics to the transaction pool but an Error is returned which says: Transaction pool error: Too low priority (0 > 0) i thought this might be related to ...
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Should we re-do the verification in runtime call?

Imagine there is an unsigned extrinsic call. #[pallet::call] fn call(something, ..) -> DispatchResult { ensure_none()?; // verify(something)?; Ok(()) } #[pallet::validate_unsigned] ...
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