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pending extrinsics jammed. How to ensure re-broadcast?

We observe a strange phenomenon: We send many lightweight extrinsics (~2 per block) signed by the same account to one full node (node1) which is peered up with two authority collators (auth1 and auth2)...
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How to handle blocks with more than u16 events?

We load tested our chain by calling the remark with events extrinsics. We used batch to have more than 33K transactions in multiple batches in one block. The block was processed correctly even if it ...
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Fast block production causes Mortality Checking failing with AncientBirthBlock

(This might be better as a GitHub issue, but thought I would check here for more context first) Version: Polkadot SDK v1.1.0 What I am trying to do: I am running a bunch of e2e tests in parallel on a ...
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Ready transaction queue never empties after heavy load

After a heavy load test with thousands of transactions from a fixed set of accounts (maybe relevant due to this question), the ready pool of some nodes never empties, and for this reason many ...
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Polkadot v43 failed to send issue with tx pool

Zombienet + polkadot v43 two errors: DEBUG tokio-runtime-worker txpool: [0xd7165975185efe4f63425ab930021c89f166fda20d0e4f564f61c9ebd491640e] Error importing: TooLowPriority { old: 13700, new: 513 } ...'s user avatar
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extrinsics from same account result in underutilized blockspace

I'm sending multiple extrinsics from the same account. The nonce is increased before a new extrinsic is sent, and all extrinsics are sent as immortal. My goal is to fill the blocks as much as possible,...
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Transaction pool management

I have to send thousands of transactions to a custom substrate chain, it will probably take a few days to process all of them. Of course I can't just send all the transactions at once because they ...
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How to create signed extrinsic in outer node?

What is idiomatic way to submit signed extrinsic in outer node? Is it using BasicPool and submit_local? Would Rust example at the bottom be be good approach? If it is how to: properly choose period ...
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Unit testing an extrinsic submitted by an Offchain Worker?

As far as I could understand so far there is no a "normal" way to test extrinsics submitted by an Offchain Worker, rather a substitute transaction pool is involved. However it is possible to ...
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Pool overloading in benchmark

I am working on substrate and trying to benchmark my node. I'm sending unsigned extrinsics to the pool and implemented the ValidateUnsigned trait where I add priority, longevity, provide and require ...
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Are Transaction Pool and Transaction Queue the same thing?

Was going through documentation of Substrate. I came across transaction lifecycle. I'm confused about one line it which says "The ...
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When will I stop receiving TransactionStatus updates for a transaction submitted via author_submitAndWatchExtrinsic?

If I submit a transaction via "author_submitAndWatchExtrinsic", I start getting back TransactionStatus updates, which look like one of these: pub enum TransactionStatus<Hash, BlockHash>...
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Transaction pool error: Too low priority (0 > 0)

im trying to submit multiple unsigned extrinsics to the transaction pool but an Error is returned which says: Transaction pool error: Too low priority (0 > 0) i thought this might be related to ...
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Should we re-do the verification in runtime call?

Imagine there is an unsigned extrinsic call. #[pallet::call] fn call(something, ..) -> DispatchResult { ensure_none()?; // verify(something)?; Ok(()) } #[pallet::validate_unsigned] ...
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