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2 answers

What should be the maximum size of a `BoundedVec`?

What is the recommended maximum number of bytes to store within a BoundedVec? I am currently having the following struct: #[derive( parity_scale_codec::Decode, parity_scale_codec::Encode, ...
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How to increase the limit of pallet count in runtime?

I found that Substrate has a limit of 64 pallets that can be added to the runtime. Adding more causes the following (very unobvious) error: error[E0599]: the function or associated item `execute_block`...
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Is there time limit or weight limit when calling "on_finalize()" hook?

I want to clear a StorageMap in on_finalize() hook function. The code like this: //clear current epoch data for the next cycle let mut mrr: MultiRemovalResults = <CurrentEpochData&...
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What should be the maximum size of Call for a runtime

There are unit tests in Polkadot and Kusama runtimes that fail if the core::mem::size_of<Call> is greater than 230 bytes. Kusama, Polkadot, Substrate. What exactly is this size of and how was ...
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How to limit the number of values by prefix in StorageDoubleMap?

Say I have a StorageDoubleMap that stores Data structs for each user and ContextId #[pallet::storage] pub type Info<T: Config> = StorageDoubleMap< _, Blake2_128Concat, ...
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How to limit libp2p traffic or set maximum number of peers

In running a polkadot node on the mainnet, i'd like to know how to limit the maximum number of peers, or if this functionality is already built into the protocol somehow. Since my network traffic is ...
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