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no method named `as_fd` found for struct `Async` in the current scope

I am compiling my node with the substrate release branch as polkadot-v0.9.22 and I get the following errors. What is this error and how do I even fix this? error[E0599]: no method named `as_fd` found ...
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Custom RPC Error on sp_api::decl_runtime_apis!

We are adding a custom rpc and following along with and
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How do i run ```npx @727-ventures/typechain-compiler --config typechain.config.json``` for a nightly version

So i am running this command npx @727-ventures/typechain-compiler --config typechain.config.json to get to compile so i can write my test file for my contracts and use the typechain gotten. This is ...
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Build fails: protoc failed: bitswap.v1.2.0.proto: No such file or directory

When building a Substrate-project, I receive the following error: protoc failed: bitswap.v1.2.0.proto: No such file or directory
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Persistent overuse of system resources by rust-analyzer

After limiting the number jobs in order to handle the amount of resources used by rust-analyzer it keeps using all cores so my computer ends up hanged out: In addition, I've noticed that several ...
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Why does compiling substrate require nightly toolchain?

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain nightly Why can't the stable toolchain be used to compile, what I beleive is the runtime to WASM? Why is nightly needed?
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Compilation error. unresolved windows_sys::Win32::Foundation

I'm on Windows 11, (intel core i7-9700K processor) and have stable-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc (default), rustc 1.67.1 (d5a82bbd2 2023-02-07) and cargo 1.67.1 (8ecd4f20a 2023-01-10) When I'm compiling some ...
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Why does building the parachain template build the polkadot and kusama runtime?

This is on my screen as I compile the substrate parachain template: Building: kusama-runtime(build), polkadot-runtime(build), parachain-template-runtime(build) ...
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A build problem when I build the substrate-node-template in windows10 system

I have searching some solutions in the internet. However, I can't deal with my problem. I hope someone can help me to deal with this problem. Thank you very much.
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build failed with substrate chain on rocksdb in linux

I followed this tutorial I got the below error when run cargo build --release. How can I fix it? cargo build -v --release ...
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Substrate Node compiles, but does not run

When i run my substrate based node, i get Error: Service(Client(VersionInvalid("host doesn't provide any imports from non-env module: __wbindgen_placeholder__:__wbindgen_describe"))).
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"Rust WASM toolchain not installed" with v0.9.25

I recently upgraded a fork of the Node Template to v0.9.25 and now I am getting an error about the Wasm toolchain not being installed. Per the official Substrate documentation, the failing build is ...
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Bulding polkadot (release-v0.9.24) fails while compiling a dependency (prost-build v0.10.4)

I'm trying to build Polkadot as a relay chain for a tutorial but compiling one of its dependencies fails! I may be missing some tools. Could you help? Platform: MacOS (Intel) Compiling prost-build v0....
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Substrate Node v3.0 getrandom Compilation error

The error described below is produced when attempting to compile the node upgraded to v3. The Cargo.toml files indeed specify the js feature; the issue occurs when compiling packages within Cargo.lock,...
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Computer freezes when compiling substrate

I am trying to run all of the tests in the substrate codebase. When the pc gets to the 1670th dependency it freezes. All of my RAM is being used and the pc won't respond. I have 16GB of RAM, Ryzen 5 ...
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Cannot find TryInto (compilation error) after it was pruned from prelude

This Substrate PR removed TryInto from the sp_std's prelude: While attempting to update to v0.9.19, which includes this PR, I am encountering this ...
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Unable to compile Substrate v0.9.17 on Rust v1.60.0 [closed]

I am not able to compile Substrate v0.9.17 on Rust version 1.60.0 stable. I am getting the following compilation error. It was working before I did rustup update. I missed recording which Rust version ...
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std in conditional compilation [closed]

#![cfg_attr(not(feature = "std"), no_std)] Does the "std" above reflect the rust standard library or the std feature defined in the cargo.toml for a given crate? Also, for many of ...
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How to use sp_core in libraries that target wasm for the web

I'm playing around with some front end utilities where Substrate libraries like sp_core would be useful, but I'm getting the following error on compilation. error: failed to run custom build command ...
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How do I distribute the compiled node binary to peers?

What's the way to distribute the compiled node binary to peers, so that they wouldn't need to build everything from scratch on their virtual machines? I'm asking this because building everything takes ...
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Cannot find macro `vec` in this scope when using pallet-staking

I am trying to implement the prebuilt pallet-staking using 4.0.0-dev and tag devhub/latest. I am getting a compilation error on npos-elections. Should I be able to add the staking pallet into the ...
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