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Pallate for Native Blockchain Currency

In my Blockchain app, I want to add my own native currency. For extended Features of my application Users will be rewarded and they will receive coin for that. The users will receive the reward in ...
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`Currency::create_deposit` of `pallet_balance` fail on actual runtime but passes on mock rutime

The benchmark is written as: one_extrinsic { let caller: <T as frame_system::Config>::AccountId = make_account::<T>(1); assert_eq!( <T as crate::Config&...
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Error in currency transfer

I have currency configuration as follows use frame_support::traits::{Currency}; and in frame config type Currency: Currency<Self::AccountId>; Then in an extrincis function, I am trying to do a ...
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Difference between ReservableCurrency and NamedReservableCurrency?

The docs on the traits ReservableCurrency and NamedReservableCurrency currency are the same, although they clearly have subtle differences between them. When should someone use ReservableCurrency vs ...
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