The benchmark is written as:

     one_extrinsic {
        let caller: <T as frame_system::Config>::AccountId = make_account::<T>(1);

            <T as crate::Config>::Currency::deposit_creating(&caller, 10_000_000_u32.into()).peek(),
        // ..

    }: _(/* .. */)
    verify {
        // ..

where <T as crate::Config>::Currency is instance of pallet_balances

When running cargo test bench_one_extrinsic --features runtime-benchmarks the test is completed.

But where running the actual benchmark ./collator benchmark pallet .. The statement fails with

 left: `0`,
 right: `10000000`', /../src/benchmarking.rs:164:9    
Error: Input("Error executing and verifying runtime benchmark: Execution aborted due to trap: wasm trap: wasm `unreachable` instruction executed\nWASM backtrace:\n\n    0: 0x4cbb85 - <unknown>!rust_begin_unwind\n")

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Check your actual runtime's ExistentialDeposit.

10_000_000_u32 might not be enough to create an account.

And people usually use 0 in mocking.

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