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Implementing FullDeps in Substrate using channels instead of Arcs

This is a standard implementation of FullDeps in the // Full client dependencies. pub struct FullDeps<C, P, SC, B> { /// The client instance to use. pub client: Arc<C>, ...
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how to solve mismatched type error in substrate?

I have been integrating paritytech frontier(0.9.43) version with the substrate 0.9.43 version . while integrating when i added frontier changes in and file i am facing this error. ...
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offchain-workers vs asynchronous task

There is not much info about using an asynchronous task in substrate docs i.e. task_manager in I want to know when one should be using offchain-worker and when one should use background ...
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Understanding in substrate-node-template

Recently, I have been trying to understand the block import for Aura and Grandpa but I don't understand some parts in substrate-node-template/node/ 1- In the new_partial() method when ...
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Problem while adding new API to runtime, RPC, and service

pub fn create_full<C, P>( deps: FullDeps<C, P>, ) -> Result<RpcExtension, Box<dyn std::error::Error + Send + Sync>> where C: ProvideRuntimeApi<Block> + ...
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How do I include a new rpc that uses a NetworkWorker in the node-template?

The node-template says its is a specialisation of that on the substrate master branch. Hence, it's sort of hard to relate the two. Nonetheless, I'd like to expose an RPC endpoint that's ...
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Difference between spawn_handle() and spawn_essential_handle()

Currently this is how I am making a transaction_pool for a Light service let transaction_pool = Arc::new(sc_transaction_pool::LightPool::new_light( config.transaction_pool.clone(), ...
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