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the trait bound `mock::Test: pallet_rmrk_core::Config` is not satisfied

I'm writing a pallet, which depends on pallet-rmrk-core, based on pallet-template. In I wrote: #[pallet::config] pub trait Config: frame_system::Config + pallet_rmrk_core::Config { ...
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How can I pass a Vec<u8> via chain extension to pallet?

I am working on chain extension to call rmrk pallet methods. One of the methods needs a BoundedVec that I need to pass via ink smart contract. What data type can I use to do this on smart contract ...
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How to signAndSend() without a MNEMONIC

I'm trying to allow users on the client side send an api.tx.system.remark( 'message' ); with PolkadotJS. I run into issues on signing and sending the transaction, as I will not have their secret key. ...
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How do conventional block chains access NFTs

In the polkadot docs under NFT's they write this: A general-purpose blockchain is not built to natively understand the concept of NFTs. It is only natively aware and optimized for its own native ...
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How can users trustlessly verify ownership of RMRK NFTs

On chains that implement an EVM, nfts that follow the ERC-721 standard can easily be queried by tokenID to find out the owner, what would be the RMRK equivalent? Would users have to scan through every ...
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How to use the .multi() method? (substrate-front-end-template)

I finished the substrate kitty tutorial (backend and frontend). Now I would like to build a simple frontend for the RMRK pallet. Now I stuck on the .multi(...) method. Where can I find a documentation ...
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