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How to manage compatibility of changing inherents between versions?

Basically, the title. What are the strategies around updating inherents over time and maintaining backwards-compatibility? How would I for example, take one inherent's InherentData, and update its ...
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Does the Relay Chain check the Parachain's timestamp inherent?

In a standalone blockchain, nodes will not only check the execution of extrinsics, they will also check the inherent data for consistency with the real world. In the case of a parachain, the parachain ...
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Is the Aura Slot Inherent Necessary?

Substrate's Aura implementation has an InherentDataProvider that includes the Aura slot number into the runtime. However, it seems that this code is not consistently used throughout the ecosystem. For ...
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Chain stalls because of inherent transaction

I have a question about on_finalize hook and inherent transactions. I have added an inherent transaction to starknet pallet in the Madara repo, that fetches the sequencer address from the local ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Usage of Pre-Runtime Digest to gossip data from block creator node with PoW

I'm playing around with a variation a of Substrate's PoW block production. Contrary to existing PoW engine my design relies on a PoW generation mechanism which is external to Substrate. The PoW ...
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3 votes
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In need for "end of block" inherent

I'm working on a wrapped chain, inspired by frontier. We have a pallet, that contains a VM, that creates blocks that are pushed onto the outer block digest in the on_finalize hook. In our block header ...
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1 answer

Is block creation guaranteed to be running after parent block is fully imported?

I observe an issue for a long time that I can't explain. There is a value produced in BlockImport::import_block that must be included in inherents of n+1. Though sometimes it seems like value is not ...
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Adhering to size limit of a block

We do track weight during block creation/block import, but weight only cares about execution time and with 2D weights also about storage proof size. We do keep track of size in propose here but only ...
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2 answers

Submit an inherent from an extrinsic call?

I am looking to process deletions in batches yet avoid using on_initialize(). Can I submit an inherent from the call to process next batch in a subsequent block? If so, what would the code to create/...
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Can `benchmark overhead` support `pre-runtime digests`?

Our runtime uses an inherent which itself requires a pre-runtime digest to be present. I don't believe this is supported; from what I can tell, the benchmarking only handles the inherents provided by ...
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What's `InherentDataProviders`? How can I use them?

I've seen some code like this move |_, ()| async move { let uncles = sp_authorship::InherentDataProvider::<<Block as BlockT>::Header>::check_inherents(); let timestamp = ...
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