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What are the Aura committee digests in headers used for?

Aura (as well as Grandpa and Babe, but I'm currently only interested in Aura) includes the whole authority set in the header digest when it changes, as well as additional information about authorities ...
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How is an external observer supposed to reliably know when the GRANDPA authorities have changed?

The grandpa.proveFinality rpc provides the justification for the last block by a GRANDPA authorities set (of some set_id) and ancestry headers to prove the finality of a block within the same set_id. ...
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Usage of Pre-Runtime Digest to gossip data from block creator node with PoW

I'm playing around with a variation a of Substrate's PoW block production. Contrary to existing PoW engine my design relies on a PoW generation mechanism which is external to Substrate. The PoW ...
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PreLog Blocks in frontier ethereum pallet on_initialize hook

fn on_initialize(_: T::BlockNumber) -> Weight { let mut weight = T::SystemWeightInfo::kill_storage(1); // If the digest contain an existing ethereum block(encoded as PreLog)...
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Can `benchmark overhead` support `pre-runtime digests`?

Our runtime uses an inherent which itself requires a pre-runtime digest to be present. I don't believe this is supported; from what I can tell, the benchmarking only handles the inherents provided by ...
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How do you tell which block number the last runtime upgrade happened on a chain?

How do you efficiently tell which block number the last runtime upgrade happened on for a particular chain (without reading every block)? A couple of people have hinted to me that the answer is in a ...
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