I have tried following instructions from:




My process:

1 - Add debug statements to the contract code:

pub fn new() -> Self {
  ink_env::debug_println!("created new instance at {}", Self::env().block_number());
  Self {}

pub fn sayhello(&self) {

2 - build: cargo +nightly contract build.


Original wasm size: 32.7K, Optimized: 11.1K

The contract was built in DEBUG mode.

Your contract artifacts are ready. You can find them in:

  - helloworld.contract (code + metadata)
  - helloworld.wasm (the contract's code)
  - metadata.json (the contract's metadata)

3 - In another terminal, run the node:

substrate-contracts-node --dev -lerror,runtime::contracts=debug

4 - In the original terminal, upload:

cargo contract upload --suri //Alice

5 - Get the code hash:


6 - Instantiate:

cargo contract instantiate \
  --gas 500000000000 \
  --constructor new \
  --suri //Alice \
  --code-hash $code_hash

7 - Get the Contract:


8 - Call:

cargo contract call \
  --gas 500000000000 \
  --message sayhello \
  --suri //Alice \
  --contract $Contract

RESULT: No output at all from the terminal running the node.

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I have the following ink! message:

pub fn say_hello(&self) {

I run my node like this:

./target/release/substrate-contracts-node --dev -lerror,runtime::contracts=debug

If I call like this:

cargo contract call \
  --gas 500000000000 \
  --message say_hello \
  --suri //Alice \
  --contract 5HJSXhYLExB5KYCMXa95mKEUX4UXXsp8Up9rBLzR57PPwtkq

The following appears in my node logs:

2022-08-02 13:07:28.410 DEBUG tokio-runtime-worker runtime::contracts: Execution finished with debug buffer: Hello

Make sure your contract exists.

You should see it in https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/contracts

Also, try deleting your contract and re-deploying. You may have an old contract there.

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