I have a funny problem, hopefully, someone can help.

I have an environment similar to the delegator example contract: one delegator-like contract, one accumulator-like contract, and one adder-like contract. I'm running a local test node. I can't deploy my contracts on the contracts UI interface.

I can't compile the delegator contract because I get "ERROR: No 'ink_lang' dependency found". So I changed my dependencies on my contracts such that they look like this: https://gist.github.com/RafaelAPB/5b0d36f56dfc3d83c55ca857f38e8d85

Code compiles for my three contracts. When deploying the adder-like and accumulator-like (in this order). However, when invoking the method from the accumulator contract that calls the adder contract, I obtain:

calling "delegator-add"
panicked at 'encountered error while calling Adder::add: NotCallable', 

Why wouldn't it be callable? Of course, the delegator contract also does not work (and in fact breaks the interface) I thought that the first problem could be a code problem, but i follow the tutorial very closely and it compiles. So I thought the dependencies might be the problem.

How can i change the dependency ink = { path = "../../crates/ink", default-features = false } to a non-local reference, such that I can have it instead of lines 8-13 of the gist I shared?

Unfortunately, this similar question does not answer my question because I can't run the original delegator code nor use my version (fails on the mentioned occasion, but can call any function that is not doing a cross-contract call). I'm also not trying to explore the usage of ink_env::call::Call::new(), but rather instantiate a delegator contract with references to deployed contracts so that I can call them directly.

Bonus points if you can point me to other smart contracts using the delegator design pattern.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Please refer to our recently published delegator example which depends on the latest official ink! release. Make sure you also use latest cargo-contract version and substrate-contracts-node

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