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I am trying Substrate Kitties Workshop

I am trying substrate kitties Workshop. After setting environment and paste the bare-bone code of kitties pallet , when I run cargo build --release the following error occur after 2-3 minutes when ...
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Possibility of Deploying Substrate Kitties to Testnet

I've just completed the Substrate Kitties tutorial. Since I've created my own chain in my own local environment, I was wondering if it's possible for me to deploy my Substrate Kitties chain on to the ...
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system.ExtrinsicFailed in Polkadot-JS

I am following this tutorial : and completed the first part. But on the polkadot.js, First I created ...
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How to add log to pallet's cargo.toml file to use log::info

While doing the tutorial of "Build the Substrate Kitties Chain" there comes a section In this there it ...
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Failed to resolve: use of undeclared crate or module `sp_io` in Substrate Kitties Chain

While building the Substrate Kitties Chain using the tutorial: I got the error like : PS C:\Users\msi\kitties-tutorial> cargo build --release ...
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Build the Substrate Kitties Chain Tutorial Cargo Error

I was following the tutorial: and as said in the tutorial I installed kickstart using: cargo install kickstart And after that cloned a copy of the ...
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