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Rococo testnet Parachain is not Producing Blocks?

I'm trying to connect to rococo testnet as a parachain using own customized parachain ! It works locally and produces blocks when connected to local Relay chain But when connected to Rococo it doesn't ...
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Alter existing chain spec without mutating genesis hash

What contents of a non-raw chain spec can be added or altered without mutating the derived genesis hash? More specifically, does changing a pallet's genesis configuration in the spec lead to a ...
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Failing to create an asset on Trappist parachain

I cloned the trappist repo, and I successfully run cargo build --release. After running ./target/release/trappist-node --dev I tried to create an asset by using the create extrinsic placed inside the ...
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Simulate block finalization error

I would like to simulate how our parachain reacts to events like, A collator produces a block that is not accepted by other collators in that parachain. Aka a malicious collator. The relay chain ...
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How to use the follow-chain subcommand in try-runtime?

In the try-runtime documentation, there is note of a follow-chain subcommand which follows the given chain’s finalized blocks and apply all of its extrinsics. There are also some examples here. I ...
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`kusama-staging` v0.9.37 runtime finalizing, (apparently) validating and backing, but not including new parablocks

The following problem seems to be pretty deep in the bowels of the para backing process and a quick substrate code study didn't get me there, so i'm looking for help on a) what could have gone wrong ...
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Unable to upload Phat Contract build using cargo-contract-2.1.0

I was unable to add contract into At the The contract was built using: cargo-contract version : cargo-contract-contract 2.1.0-unknown-aarch64-apple-darwin the ...
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How to run a collator node for a parachain in Docker?

I'm working through the Acquire a testnet slot tutorial and used the following command to spin up a collator node: ./target/release/parachain-template-node --collator \ --chain raw-parachain-...
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create a dev chainspec with specific test users

I'd like to use the Polkadot CLI to create a chainspec with specific user balances pre-seeded. I'd like to be able to do this for any of the dev runtimes. In the case of the polkadot dev runtime, I ...
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How to Configure a testnet for my substrate chain?

I would like to set up a testnet for my substrate chain. I did not find much information around. Can you please help me with articles/tutorials? Thank you!
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Is teleport of ROC from Rockmine to my parachain should be used instead of reserve transfer?

I am trying to polkadotXcm.reserveTransferAssets of ROC on from Rockmine to Dali
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Potential storage issue with try-runtime tool

Hey guys I'm seeing a weird thing with the following migration code: pub struct SomeMigration; impl OnRuntimeUpgrade for SomeMigration { fn on_runtime_upgrade() -> Weight { let ...
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How to get test tokens for Kusama

I read this but I don't have DOT token when you had your Genesis block. So, how can I get test tokens now? I'm joining ...
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Are there any publicly available test nets that run pallet contracts?

We are looking to deploy a demo dapp to a live test net. Do any of these exist or are we better using a service like onfinality or deploying our own test net? Data persistence is not that important. ...
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Possibility of Deploying Substrate Kitties to Testnet

I've just completed the Substrate Kitties tutorial. Since I've created my own chain in my own local environment, I was wondering if it's possible for me to deploy my Substrate Kitties chain on to the ...
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Parachain config for Rococo public test network

How to config a locally tested parachain to connect it to the Rococo public test-network? I mean on the startup phase (before the Rococo Slot Request Form), following the Cumulus tutorial: after ...
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