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How to provide an AccountData type implementing some trait?

In pallet config, it would be convenient to require the AccountData type to implement a given trait, like: #[pallet::config] pub trait Config: frame_system::Config<AccountData: SomeCustomTrait&...
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What is the flags field in system account info?

In the Polkadot-JS UI, one can query account data under Developer > Chain state > system > account. According to Polkadot Wiki, we know data, the additional data that belongs to this ...
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How do I create an Asset account using polkadot JS with a reason other than Consumer?

So there are 4 reasons listed on ExistenceReason for an Asset account namely: Consumer, Sufficient, DepositHeld, DepositRefunded Usually minting an asset would use the Consumer reason. I'd like to ...
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Get a breakdown of DOT for an account

For any given account can I get a breakdown of DOT that is bonded, vested, locked, transferable, locked for democracy etc. Ideally looking for way to do it through py-substrate-interface or PolkadotJs ...
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account_sequence and suggested_fee in substrate

I am looking into rosetta-api for substrate. I have two questions regarding one of its endpoint construction/metadata Does substrate maintain an account_sequence number somewhere? where can I find it?...
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2 answers

How to calculate Total Value Locked for a Substrate Chain? Should 'Reserved Balances' be included?

If you wanted to calculate TVL for a substrate chain would you include 'Reserved Balances'? Or would you only be interested in 'Locked Balances'? (Locked Balance = max lock on an account)
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How to get bytes [u8; 32] from AccountId?

There is a way to convert [u8; 32] to AccountId T::AccountId::decode(&mut &bytes[..]).unwrap_or_default(); but how to do the reverse? let sender: T::AccountId = ensure_signed(origin)?; let ...
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How does the AccountData type work in FRAME runtimes?

The FRAME system for runtime development defines an AccountData type, which is coupled with data from the Balances Pallet in the Polkadot runtime. What other types of data could be tracked using this ...
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