There are likely reasons for this, but I'm not sure what they are yet.

In a parachain using pallet_session, is there a way for sudo/root/governance to force a session to rotate faster/cut a session short?

Reason for wanting to rotate (as there might be a better way to solve the issue): When using invulnerable collators, it can take a full session to remove collators that are failing. If there are several failing, then it can take even longer in real time as the block formation is slow.

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The on_initialize hook of pallet-session checks ShouldEndSession::should_end_session() (ref). The ShouldEndSession is a configurable and can be implemented to your own needs.

A parachain created a pallet to be able to change the session duration: https://github.com/AcalaNetwork/Acala/blob/27a6d5ac1f7481bb4e16b1ea697db7b8e2210c8c/runtime/acala/src/lib.rs#L297-L299

You could implement something your own where you make it possible to abort a session. In other words, have the session rotate before the end of the duration.

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