Ethereum rollups (e.g. Optimism) use ETH as their base asset for paying gas fees.

Is it possible to use DOT for paying gas fees on a parachain? Or does the parachain creator need to create their custom coin?

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Substrate is a highly customizable SDK to build your own Blockchain, and one of the things you can customize for your parachain is how to pay fees.

An example of a Polkadot parachain that uses DOT to pay fees is [Asset Hub], AssetHub is one System Parachains and it uses DOT, the native token of Polkadot, as its own currency.

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    Thanks. Does this mean that only system parachains can use DOT to pay gas fees? Also, I'm curious how the economics work with non-native-asset chains. My understanding is that a parachain needs to"crowdloan" security from $DOT holders, who are promised a continuous airdrop in the native currency of the parachain. Commented Sep 15, 2023 at 9:10
  • No any chain can do it. The airdrop is something a parachain can do but it is not a requirement. Regarding the tokenomics, I am also interested in that so would love to hear if you found something! Commented Nov 5, 2023 at 12:12

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