I'm trying to add custom RPC to Substrate node template. As explained in the jsonrpsee's proc_macro doc here, I define BalancesApi trait where #[rpc(server)] attribute added, and implement BalancesApiServer to the struct Balances.

I expect that macro implements into_rpc behind the scenes. However, compiler says no method named into_rpc found for struct Balances in the current scope. enter image description here

If I expand macro, I can see into_rpc trait is generated, enter image description here

How can I implement in on BalancesApi struct which will be used in create_full function? Some additional procedure is required?

Just an additional info, This is my working branch https://github.com/AstarNetwork/swanky-node/pull/67

  • This might not be a good questions, not being able to what could be an issue so far.
    – Shunsuke
    Commented May 14, 2023 at 12:01

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The implementation looks good, but it seems like you are missing some import of the pallet-balances-rpc because there is a warning saying BalancesApiServer is unused.

You can try to follow this guide on StackExchange: How to add custom RPCs?, which is a step by step guide about how to create a custom RPC in the pallet template.

  • Thank you for your comment, I thought BalancesApiServer is unused because Balances struct is not implementing into_rpc method. I think I followed the how to guide (Thank you for the detailed contents!), but didn't find out what is the issue my implementation has. The wired thing I found after posting this is if I remove a generic P which is for TransactionPool from the entire code base, then it compiles. pallet-balances-rpc package itself compiles, so that makes it difficult for me to know why into_rpc not implemented.
    – Shunsuke
    Commented May 16, 2023 at 2:44
  • Now it compiles, but why into_rpc was not implemented is unknown. It make sense if I get some trait bound error, but error about "not implemented" is not something I understand.
    – Shunsuke
    Commented May 17, 2023 at 10:17

The trait bounds are most likely not satisfied for the into_rpc impl, that's why your code won't compile.

You probably need additional trait bounds in your function for the params/return types satisfy Send + Sync + serde::de::DeserializeOwned.

Depending on context you may need serde::se::Serialize as well...

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