I want to expose an RPC/WS endpoints publicly. What mesures should I take into consideration? Should I just expose RPC/WS using substrate options --unsafe-rpc-external --unsafe-ws-external?

But as I understand --unsafe-rpc-external --unsafe-ws-external are not safe so how to expose ws and rpc safely?

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Use --rpc-external(http) or --ws-external(ws).

--unsafe-x-external is designed for the validator/collator node. It is not recommended to expose the endpoints of an authority node. If you want to do that anyway, use these two unsafe flags.

Why unsafe?

For example:

  • author_insertKeys call will generate session keys files in your disk
  • state_getStoragePaged is a recursive query call, which will cost lots of performance(CPU/MEM)

Tips: --rpc-method auto/unsafe provides more controlling options at a different level.

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