what specific extrinsic(s) should be run by a technical committee member in order to initiate the cancellation procedure for a running referendum?

the polkadot wiki states this is possible here: https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/learn-governance#canceling

i am looking for the specific steps a technical committee member should take in order to initiate a vote by all of the technical committee members on whether or not the referendum should be cancelled.

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Proposals are done though the Democracy Pallet. The pallet has an extrinsic called emergency_cancel that can only be called by the Cancellation Origin

Here's a quote from the democracy pallet docs

//! #### Cancellation Origin
//! This call can only be made by the `CancellationOrigin`.
//! - `emergency_cancel` - Schedules an emergency cancellation of a referendum. Can only happen once
//!   to a specific referendum.

So in order to cancel the proposal you must call that extrinsic using an account that is part of the collective assigned to the Cancelation Origin defined in the pallets config. Egg:

impl pallet_democracy::Config for Runtime {
 type CancellationOrigin = EitherOfDiverse<
        pallet_collective::EnsureProportionAtLeast<AccountId, CouncilCollective, 2, 3>,

You can watch this Deep Dive of the pallet done by the Delivery Services team at parity

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