I am trying to test Fast Track of proposals via PolkadotJS dashboard, but I'm running into an error I can't explain. Note this is on a local relay chain where we have set up various members of Alice...Ferdie as Council/TC .

  1. I submit notePreimage for a forceTransfer via Governance -> Democracy -> Submit preimage.
  2. After this is in a block, I copy the preimage hash (0xa4c5c8dce6baf661e66af7a75c3e9afe24fcad3a88b2e5e4272f130d9c941701)and submit a proposal in the same pane via Submit proposal.
  3. I verify that the proposal exists in storage:
  1. I submit a democracy.fastTrack motion via Governance -> TechnicalCommittee -> Proposals -> Submit proposal, using the above hash.

  2. I verify that the proposal exists in the collective's storage:

technicalCommittee.proposalOf: Option<Call>
  args: {
    proposal_hash: 0xa4c5c8dce6baf661e66af7a75c3e9afe24fcad3a88b2e5e4272f130d9c941701
    voting_period: 100
    delay: 2
  method: fastTrack
  section: democracy
  1. I submit enough votes for the proposal to meet the threshold (2). I also tried this with 3/2 votes (exceeding the threshold).
  2. Waiting for all votes to be in a block, I close the proposal.
  3. I see events technicalCommittee.Closed, technicalCommittee.Approved, then technicalCommittee.execute fails with ProposalMissing.

I see a number of places where that might be thrown but it seems they would never get to the dispatch stage in do_approve_proposal if the proposal were missing. So I don't know why this is failing or how to get this Fast Track to go through. What am I missing?

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I don't know your runtime configurations.

But generally, you need to open a council motion first.

It will be council::propose(democracy::external proposal).

After this passed. There will be an external proposal.

enter image description here

And you could only fast track this one. You can not fast track the normal proposal.

  • This fixed it. For future readers: I deleted my old, out of date message; now you can submit preimages directly to the Preimage pane/pallet and those can now be used by democracy pallet. Commented May 18, 2023 at 17:38

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