I just clone the Polkadot repo v0.9.20 and build. When I run the chain sudo option is not showing in developer section. Running chain on Can anyone please tell why this thing happen?

Thanks in advance.

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When the pallet doesn't show, it means it is not included in the runtime.

Since the Polkadot repo is meant to support the live/production Polkadot network, this module is not included in the runtime config. Polkadot is deployed with democracy to take care of all root operations.

This is unlike Substrate itself which is a sample node and therefore does have sudo in the runtime.


git cherrypick this commit and read the commit comment for the step to fixup the Cargo.toml after: https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot/commit/791c8b8f9e6fe00b631f2cace0d6d65151487eb4

That will quickly add sudo to polkadot (for testing purposes).

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