hello I am trying to add the bounties pallet to the substrate node-template. the version I am using is "release-polkadot-v1.7.0". I keep getting the following error:

the traitframe\_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate\<AccountId32> is not implemented for pallet\_balances::Pallet\<Runtime> , which is required by sp\_runtime::generic::Block\<sp\_runtime::generic::Header\<u32, sp\_runtime::traits::BlakeTwo256>, sp\_runtime::generic::UncheckedExtrinsic\<MultiAddress\<AccountId32, ()>, RuntimeCall, MultiSignature, (CheckNonZeroSender\<Runtime>, CheckSpecVersion\<Runtime>, CheckTxVersion\<Runtime>, CheckGenesis\<Runtime>, CheckEra\<Runtime>, CheckNonce\<Runtime>, CheckWeight\<Runtime>, ChargeTransactionPayment\<Runtime>)>>: sp\_runtime::traits::Block\

I really don't understand, as I don't change the implementation of frame_system and pallet-balances, I only add pallet-treasury and pallet-bounties in the runtime.

I also started from a clean updated substrate node-template, and the error clearly appears after adding pallet-treasury & pallet-bounties. I first added pallet-collective, and this one works fine. the following line seems to be responsible:

 #[derive_impl(frame_system::config_preludes::SolochainDefaultConfig as frame_system::DefaultConfig)]

Also, in pallet-treasury implementation, the following line gives me a type mismatch error. However, I see it used in several other runtimes:

type Paymaster = PayFromAccount<Balances, TreasuryAccount>;

Thanks in advance for your help, Kazu

  • Hey, could you please provide a repo with the code that's failing to compile?
    – liamaharon
    Commented Mar 18 at 22:41

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I had something similar today:

  error[E0277]: the trait bound `pallet_treasury::Pallet<Runtime>: frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<AccountId32>` is not satisfied
  60  |     type RuntimeEvent = RuntimeEvent;
      |                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^ the trait `frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<AccountId32>` is not implemented for `pallet_treasury::Pallet<Runtime>`
      = help: the following other types implement trait `frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<AccountId>`:
                <Combiner<AccountId, TestKey, A, B> as frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<AccountId>>
                <orml_tokens::Pallet<T> as frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<<T as frame_system::Config>::AccountId>>
                <frame_support::traits::fungible::UnionOf<Left, Right, Criterion, AssetKind, AccountId> as frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<AccountId>>
                <frame_support::traits::fungibles::UnionOf<Left, Right, Criterion, AssetKind, AccountId> as frame_support::traits::fungibles::Mutate<AccountId>>
      = note: required for `PayAssetFromAccount<pallet_treasury::Pallet<Runtime>, TreasuryAccount>` to implement `Pay`

important part for my case was in the last line:

PayAssetFromAccount<pallet_treasury::Pallet<Runtime>, TreasuryAccount>` to implement `Pay`

I had Config impl for treasury as following:

impl pallet_treasury::Config for Runtime {
    type AssetKind = u32;
    type Paymaster = PayAssetFromAccount<Balances, TreasuryAccount>;

In order to make pure setup using only pallet_balances, I made following setup that works for me:

impl pallet_treasury::Config for Runtime {
    type AssetKind = ();
    type Paymaster = PayFromAccount<Balances, TreasuryAccount>;

If you will be interested in setup for pallet assets as well, take a look here

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