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What is the OpenGov track required to deregister a parathread?

Whilst there is this question about deregistering a parathread, it doesn't address the actual situations teams find themselves in. For example it appears that in the code, once a parachain has been ...
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Can we automate extrinsic calls in Substrate chain?

Recently I tested agile core time feature on Rococo. The idea was to test Parathread producing block. We have to submit either placeOrderAllowDeath or placeOrderKeepAlive extrinsic from ...
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Parathread not producing block on Rococo registered using CoreTime

I am trying to list a parathread on Rococo using core time. I have followed all instructions mentioned here. I followed below steps: I registered a ParaId and onboarded Parathread as usual but didn't ...
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What's the best practice of the On-demand parachains in 2024?

Before the Coretime, the only choice for the on-demand parachain is parathread (please correct me if I am wrong), there is a discussion and ...
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How to list all the parathreads in a Polkadot network?

I want to get the list of Parathreads in my network. In this previous question: How to list all the parachains in a Polkadot network? it explains how to get a list of all parachains in the relay chain,...
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How we can use the parathread feature on polkadot chain?

I have read about the parathread feature on polkadot. by which if we have minimal load on chain so we can go with parathread instead of parachain. references i read:
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How to participate in block auctions as a parathread?

According to substrate and polkadot guides i learned that parathreads must participate in per block auctions (right?). But I can't figure out how to do this exactly. How to participate in such ...
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Rococo Parathread / Parachain -> Slot Rotation still working?

i am proud owner of a rococo Parathread with the ID 3025 - once there was the slot rotation and from time to time ( 3 days interval ) the parathread became a parachain. I am wondering if there is a ...
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Unable to deregister paraId on Kusama

We have a paraID locked after a completed Crowdloan, the auction has concluded in a no-winning state, and the parathread is still owned by the account manager. Any explanation as to why the deposit is ...
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wasm unreachable instruction when trying to reserve a new ParaID in PolkadotJS

I am following this tutorial on how to reserve a paraID I have the two Polkadot v0.9.24 validators running and I can see "...
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How do I access my parathread?

I have created a parathread on Rococo here, it is number 3020. It doesn't have a link or name to click to the right of it like the ones at the top do. Clicking those brings me to the page where I can ...
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Are Parathreads fully functional on Kusama?

I was told that after parachains, one of the next steps is parathreads, where can I find information about parathreads estimated release date on Kusama? PS: I read the following on Reddit: Well ...
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Deregistering my parathread using its manager account is not always possible

I have observed that not in every scenario the manager of the para is able to deregister the parathread. So I would like to gather here what are the scenarios where we can hit this, and their reasons.
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Solo Substrate chains - are there any examples yet?

I understand that it is possible to use Substrate to run a solo chain, without attaching as a Parachain to a relay chain - are there any live projects running as Solo Substrate yet?
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Can parathread produce blocks?

I followed the Cumulus tutorials and registered a parathread in Rococo chain but my chain doesn't produce any block. As far as I know, parathread functions the same as a parachain you have to bid for ...
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