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6 votes
2 answers

How to overwrite endowed account balances using additional accounts and balances from a JSON file for genesis block inclusion?

My goal is to allocate a balance in the genesis block to both: A list of endowed accounts already included in the chain specification A list of further accounts and balances included in ...
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1 answer

Facing difficulty in fetching data through lite_json

Api data { "student": [ { "listing": { "price": 54, }, }, ] } I’m using below code for fetching data till listing: let student = match val....
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Tool to generate human readable JSON of Substrate node metadata from a file?

The cli tool subwasm can get the metadata from a live node (url) and output JSON that is human readable. However, to troubleshoot various issues, I need a tool that generates human readable JSON from ...
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Substrate - Change logging library

Is there some way to change the logging library or at least the logging format? I need a way of having the logs output in JSON format. What I tried: Installed the tracing-subscriber pallet with json ...
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js polkadot/api reading objects from the chain

Could you please tell me how convert a queryResult from Substrate storage into js object? i use these two functions to get the object from chain into js object queryResult.toHuman() function, but it ...
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tokenDecimals = 10 Causes Astronomical Fees - How To Change tokenDecimals On A Running Chain?

We have started a test chain with tokenDecimals = 10 in the chain spec JSON. The chain is running beautifully BUT fees are astronomical. For example, it takes 2.6 Billion to run for council. We are ...
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Using Valico JSON validator in my pallet

Currently I have problem that Valico is using std based packages like serde and serde_json. Is there any workaround to use this package? UPDATE1: I managed to fork repo and fix some dependencies but ...
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How can I read JSON files in substrate

I am trying to modify the kitties pallet( in order to read some json data from an already existing file. So, I need to read the contents of the file ...
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How to use code written in `std` in `no_std` during runtime?

I have a piece of code written in std, and it is bypassing/not-included in runtime as it should work but I want to use it in runtime environment, is there a way to use it. As the code written in std ...
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