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what problems does the relay chain solve? general questions about blockchain interoperability

why would blockchains interoperate, what are some real world problems with real scenarios blockchain interoperability solve? i keep hearing easier transfer of value from one blockchain to another but ...
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Blockchain development under 200GB?

I'm trying to make meaningful code contributions to Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem in the hopes of becoming a Blockchain developer one day. I tried the Substrate approach and discovered that it takes ...
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Sub0 Presentation Slides

Is there a way to download presentation slides from Sub0 2020 & 2021? I would like to use them to present Substrate to my coworkers.
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Why stakers tend to stake more on DOT than KSM? [closed]

right now there is no oversubscribed validator on Kusama but a lot of validators on Polkadot are already oversubscribed, why stakers do not stake Kusama instead and insist nominating oversubscribes?
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What sort of skills do I need to become a Substrate runtime engineer?

I'm looking to take some courses in order to learn how to become a Substrate runtime engineer. What skills do I need and how can I continue improving them as I progress?
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