I am trying to assemble a list of all voters on a referendum with their votes, etc. I need help on what storage pallet to call, I tried calling the functions on the convictionVoting pallet which is not working for me.

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Here are some snippets that may help you get started:

const votes = await api.query.convictionVoting.votingFor.entries();
votes.forEach((vote) => {
    if (vote[1].toHuman()['Casting']) {
        if (vote[1].toHuman()['Casting']['votes'].length > 0) {
            console.log(JSON.stringify(vote[1].toHuman(), null, 4));
const referenda = await api.query.referenda.referendumInfoFor.entries();
referenda.forEach(async (referendum) => {
    if (referendum[1].toHuman()['Ongoing']) {
        const referendumIndex = referendum[0].args[0].toNumber();
        console.log("Referendum:", referendumIndex);


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