I write tests for my smart contract and got this error:

no caller has been set

The error comes from: ink_engine-4.2.0/src/ext.rs:325:14. In function that I want to write tests I have following line:

let caller = self.env().caller();

Any suggestion what I do wrongly?

I look at the place the error comes from, and I see following code:

/// Returns the address of the caller.
pub fn caller(&self, output: &mut &mut [u8]) {
    let caller = self
        .expect("no caller has been set")
    set_output(output, caller);
  • here are the function needed while writing test in ink! smart contract. You need to set_caller like this
    – go11li
    Jun 8, 2023 at 1:13

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I think that this is not ideal solution, but working.

let _accounts = ink_env::test::default_accounts::<ink_env::DefaultEnvironment>();
let contract_addr: AccountId = AccountId::from([0xFF as u8; 32]);

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