According to ink!:

"Storage data is always encoded with the SCALE codec. The storage API operates by storing and loading entries into and from a single storage cells, where each storage cell is accessed under its own dedicated storage key."

How can i query pallet contract to return the Scale encoded value of a contract Storage key?

I want to do this such that i can always fetch the value of a particular contract storage item without interacting with the contract itself but the blockchain pallet contract.

Think of it like how you can query a slot in Ethereum and fetch the value stored for a contract in it which is done by calculating the keys(e.g for Arrays, Maps e.t.c)

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You can do it via a runtime API call, using the contractsApi endpoint provided by the contracts pallet.

The endpoint provides a getStorage method, where you have to specify as argument the contract address and the Contract Root Storage Key.

Check this in the docs for more info and an example: Accessing storage items with the contractsApi runtime call API.

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