In pallet NFTs, I see a concept of tips:

/// The max number of tips a user could send.
type MaxTips: Get<u32>;
/// Allows to pay the tips.
/// Origin must be Signed.
/// - `tips`: Tips array.
/// Emits `TipSent` on every tip transfer.
#[pallet::weight(T::WeightInfo::pay_tips(tips.len() as u32))]
pub fn pay_tips(
    origin: OriginFor<T>,
    tips: BoundedVec<ItemTipOf<T, I>, T::MaxTips>,
) -> DispatchResult {
    let origin = ensure_signed(origin)?;
    Self::do_pay_tips(origin, tips)

What is the purpose of tips? When would a user want to tip?

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From the docs of the pallet:

pay_tips: Pay tips, could be used for paying the creator royalties.

And if you see the code of the do_pay_tips is basically paying a tip to an Account related to an Item (NFT).

let ItemTip { collection, item, receiver, amount } = tip;
T::Currency::transfer(&sender, &receiver, amount, KeepAlive)?;

So basically it looks like a system that allows a way to voluntarily pay royalties to a creator.

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