I have a custom pallet that makes calls to the Nfts pallet to create collections and mint NFTs. The problem is that I can't find a way to set the metadata of a token. I do see something like set_typed_attribute being available in the Mutate trait, but is this really the same? The Rust documentation doesn't make me much wiser.

What I expected to find is something similar to fungibles::metadata::Mutate, which provides set to set metadata on fungible assets.

Therefore I'm very confused about how I can set metadata on items of the Nfts pallet. I'd highly appreciate if someone could put me on the right track.

  • Hi Arjan, thanks a lot for pointing out this problem. We've added it to the backlog and will try to add the missing trait in a priority way! Sep 19, 2023 at 7:13

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You can use now set_item_metadata and set_collection_metadata to set the metadata of a token or a collection.

This trait has been added recently in this PR: Trading trait and deal with metadata in Mutate trait for nonfungibles_v2.

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