Where can I find Tomasz Drwięga Off-chain DB indexing example, implementing the following runtime function?

fn on_finalize(_n: BlockNumberFor<T>){}


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I found out it's just a hook, so no worries, all good.

impl<T: Config> Hooks<BlockNumberFor<T>> for Pallet<T> {
    /// Initialization
    fn on_initialize(now: BlockNumberFor<T>) -> Weight {

    /// Block finalization
    fn on_finalize(_n: BlockNumberFor<T>) {
        // at the end of the block, we can safely include the new VRF output
        // from this block into the under-construction randomness. If we've determined
        // that this block was the first in a new epoch, the changeover logic has
        // already occurred at this point, so the under-construction randomness
        // will only contain outputs from the right epoch.
        if let Some(Some(randomness)) = Initialized::<T>::take() {

        // remove temporary "environment" entry from storage

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