We are looking to deploy a demo dapp to a live test net. Do any of these exist or are we better using a service like onfinality or deploying our own test net?

Data persistence is not that important. As long as we could monitor when the network restarted and redeploy and populate our contract when this happened.

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There is a rococo parachain which is maintained by Parity. Instructions for its faucet can be found along with its source code.

  • Thanks, I tried using the faucet in matrix and received a note saying that 100 ROC had been transferred to my account. However, these didn't show up in polkadot-js/apps. The extrinsic hash is 0xcd35029f8072110f1c612bf379dac32f7561d66cbe58b74c4aabb6f0df4aaf7c. Do I need to issue the drip command with the parachain ID 9230?
    – forgetso
    Jun 22 at 10:20
  • 1
    It is explained in the document I linked: !drip YOUR_SS_58_ADDRESS:1002. The id is 1002 and not 9320. Jun 22 at 10:31
  • Great, thanks. Not sure how I missed that!
    – forgetso
    Jun 22 at 11:52

We described available networks in the documentation. It contains instructions on how to use each network. If something is not precise, outdated, or a new network is born, you can create an issue in repository. We will fix it=)


feel free to use Kulupu Network it has pallet-contracts v 4. https://wallet.neatcoin.org/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Frpc.kulupu.corepaper.org%2Fws#/contracts Or Neatcoin and its testnet Vodka. I can provide tokens. Neatcoin and Vodka don't have an explorer though and I have difficulty getting the full blockhashes.

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