due to I have limited internet in my country , I can not download the full building files after I wrote the contract and need to only see if there are any errors and need to run the tests . so if I tried to build the contract by this command , it downloads the target directory as shown :

cargo contract build 

because the downloaded files have a size of 3 gigabytes as shown enter image description here

so I need a way to compile my contract and see all the errors and the messages for learning purposes without me having to download all of this files online

  • The target folder does not come only from downloading, part of it are the compiled files created by the compiler. That said I don't know how much it downloads. Also downloads can actually be downloaded to .cargo/ folder (on linux at least) But I don't have solutions. Maybe connecting to a remote server and doing development from there can cost less bandwidth?
    – gui
    Commented Feb 5 at 3:54


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