I am running a solo chain with Genesis authorities set up for AURA and GRANPA. Now I have to add new validators and for that, I am planning to add substrate_validator_set and pallet_session. During OnRuntimeUpgrade what is the correct way to set Keys storage item in pallet_session?

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You can follow this code to set up the session keys during a runtime upgrade.

However, there is a distinction.

BEEFY is an optional feature that allows the use of a placeholder key for genesis.

In contrast, AURA is mandatory. You must pre-generate the keys, put them into code and the validator nodes. Otherwise, your chain will probably be bricked after the runtime upgrade.

  • The shared example describes the change in session_keys but i am adding pallet_session first time. can you please share such example. Jan 17 at 10:07
  • should i need to set Aura authorities again during migration ? Jan 17 at 14:52
  • Follow that example. Replace storage::translate with storage::put or storage::insert, depending on your needs. Jan 17 at 16:25
  • Based on my current understanding, you don't need to reset the AURA authorities. However, you should always test these on your testnet first. Jan 17 at 20:24

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