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How to Build a Light Client?

Light clients are not explicitly needed for a chain to operate. They can be very useful to compliment a network of full nodes that are preferable in many cases over a full node, especially for end ...
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Confused on terminology - Module/Pallet vs Crate vs Package

I will do my best to explain it because in the beginning of my journey I was also confused with of all that terms. Crate - the term comes from directly of Rust language and is the smallest amount of ...
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How to fetch data through api?

In the Substrate docs you have this example Make offchain HTTP requests that shows you an example on how to retrieve the price of Bitcoin from the cryptocompare API and how to submit data using an ...
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Hybrid Pow/Pos Consensus Node Blocks are not being finalized?

you can follow https://docs.substrate.io/reference/how-to-guides/consensus-models/create-a-hybrid-node/ for the same. The one that you were using was old one.
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Error while compiling substrate recipes

The error is with the serde dependency. error: duplicate lang item in crate `std` (which `serde` depends on) This is a dependency that does have no-std support but can have std enabled by default. To ...
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PoW Rewards for Mining

Yes, you need to implement a pallet if you want to issue rewards, but it isn't required for PoW chain as such to operate. The pallet Kulupu uses isn't very minimal, something simpler like what we used ...
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